Configuring ACME Client

You can use the Peeringhub's ACME client in Peeringhub's Staging ACME server as well.

The same client software can be downloaded from:

The acme_config needs to be updated to the following:

# ACME client configuration

# ACME server URL

# Public key ID
kid        ACME client test EC P-256 key

# Iconectiv configuration
pa_user_id        login
pa_password        password
pa_staging        true
pa_trace        false


The pa_staging is set to "false" by default. If you want to use the ACME client in the staging environment, you must set as "true."

The pa_trace value is optional. It is "false" by default. If set to "true", then it will log all the HTTP interaction with iConnectiv.

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