Stir/Shaken Compliance Guide

Step 1 – You Need to Get an Operating Company Number

The National Extension Carrier Association (NECA) is responsible for distributing Operating Company Numbers (OCNs).

All information for applying for your OCN can be gleaned from their website.

In short, their application process requires you to submit the following:

1. Your interconnection agreement with an upstream service provider

2. A copy of an invoice with one of your customers

3. A state sealed copy of your articles of association

4. Other administrative information.

NECA charges a standard fee of $475 for each OCN application. If you need an expedited service with a 3 day turnaround time it costs $600.

To start this process, go to Click on the Contact Us page. Locate the helpdesk email and email the helpdesk requesting an application form. Once you receive the form, you just need to fill it in and provide the requested information.

Step 2 - You Need to Register with the Secure Telephony Industry Public Administrator (STI-PA)

Iconectiv is the STI Public Administrator.

You need to register with iconectiv as an authorized carrier, after which you will be provided with a service provider code token.

Registration is simple and can be found on the iconective policy administrator website.

You should click on "Getting Started" under Service Provider section:

Then, you can click on Begin Registration button and start to fill out the application:

You will be required to submit the following:

· FCC Form 499A

· Your OCN

· Your billing contact details

You will be contacted via email for authorization and further information.

It normally takes 1 - 2 days for iconectiv to respond to your online application. You will be provided with a test plan to fill out. This test plan is to help you to familiarize yourself with the UI and API provided by iconectiv.

If you need help in conducting and filling out the test plan, you can always contact Peeringhub to give you assistance.

Once you submit your test plan, your service provider status should be approved very quickly.

Once approved, you will be added to the website, and service providers will be notified of your certification.

In-depth documentation on how to register as a Stir/Shaken Service Provider from iConectiv is available here.

Step 3 – You Need to Secure a Token

Peeringhub can help you secure a token from iConective.

Should you prefer to go it on your own, iConective does have a guideline which spells out what you need to do, in which case you will need to:

  • Upgrade your software to the necessary spec

  • Run performance tests with iConective

  • Complete the rest of the STI-PA application process.

Step 4 - Get Yourself a Certificate

Once you have received your token, you will be required to submit the token and a certificate signing request to the Certifying Authority (CA).

Assuming you have done enough to qualify, the CA will issue you a STIR/SHAKEN certificate. The certificate confirms that you are now fully compliant.

As Peeringhub, we would assist you throughout the process. You can contact Peeringhub to open an account via email

Step 5 – Declare That You Have Complied With STIR/SHAKEN Requirements

The final step is to change your status to being fully compliant.

You do this by logging into the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database and setting your status to Full STIR/SHAKEN compliance.

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